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Genetic tests selection

Function of genetic tests selection helps the doctor on the basis of a patient's phenotype, family anamnesis and environmental factors to create the list of the tests necessary for an assessment of a patients genotype and forecasting of predisposition to diseases.

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Genetic tests interpretation

Service of genetic tests interpretation in the automatic mode according to the completed questionnaire and results of dna-tests forms the conclusion about predisposition to diseases with practical recommendations.

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About service

Our mission - availability of knowledges of predictive medicine to improvement of quality of life of people and increases of efficiency of prevention of diseases.

Founders of the project are deeply convinced that only advance and adequate use of the accumulated knowledges and of the modern technologies in science in general and particularly in medicine will allow to make this world better.

Project purposes:

1 . Creating of conditions for a development of the personified medicine field.
2 . To make available the accumulated knowledge in genetics to the majority of doctors and patients.
3 . To increase popularity of medical genetics in society.
4 . To create area for an exchange of knowledge among professionals and experts to whom this theme is interesting.
5 . Introducing of mass genetic testing.

The xGenCloud service is an expert system with the extensive knowledge base, providing two functions: selection of genetic tests for the most authentic analysis of the human health and interpretation of results of genetic analyses in an available look for the people having the minimum knowledge in the field of genetics.

The team of the xGenCloud service includes the specialists physicians of a wide profile having a wide experience of automation, development of decision making support systems and interpretation of results of genetic testing.

This service - dynamic system. Taking into account continuous emergence of new data in genetics of predisposition, they will be brought the Service knowledge base, maintaining relevance of system and increasing its efficiency.

For maximum efficiency data on intergene interaction, a mutation are included in the knowledge base of the xGenCloud service in genes and their realization in the form of phenotype signs, the family anamnesis, own analysis algorithms of data and all volume of methods in the field of the data mining.

The team of the xGenCloud service doesn't exclude existence of mistakes in the knowledge base and mathematical apparatus of expert system, but does everything possible to reveal similar mistakes and as fast as possible to correct them.


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